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C H C F S P 45 Contour Cross Country Header Wagon Image
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Contour Cross Country (4 Wheel Steer)

† Licensing requirements may vary - Check local requirements

Maximum Rated Gross Capacity 14,500 lbs.
Wheelbase 30'
Tongue Length ADJ. 11 to 14'
Top Rail Length 48'
Bridged Top and Bottom Rail Standard
Maximum Head Size 45'
Safety Chain Standard
Road Signal Light Kit Standard
Fenders Standard
Shoes & Pads 2 Shoes + 2 Pads Included
Approx. Weight 4,025 lbs. (less rims and tires)

Maximum Rated Gross Capacity changes depending on tire option

CHCRB30HD Heavy Duty Bottom Rail Option - is designed for headers that require extra support along the mid section. (in lieu of standard rail at time of manufacture)
HBAFK Honey Bee AirFLEX® Pad Adapter Kit
Tire Size Description Capacity (LBS/Tire) Rim Size
235/85 R16 F Range highway trailer tire 3,960 16 x 6 x 6

Capacities listed are max tire capacity. See wagon specifications for maximum wagon capacity.